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Businessgames develops and organizes live interactive business games for its clients. The games all focus on maximum engagement between employees or team-members. The immersive character and simulation of reality is therefore a crucial element of our designs. Our no-nonsense approach to organizations and the adaptation of our unique business games to their individual challenges has enabled us to establish a broad and loyal customer base during the past 15 years.

Started in The Netherlands Businessgames now also has joint partnerships in Belgium, Turkey, Singapore, Dubai, Ireland Australia, Lithuania and America.

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Lisa JenningsManaging director at Businessgames America
Lisa has a BS in Leisure Services and Studies – a degree that means she actually learned how to play with people in order to get results! Lisa is passionate about delivering play-based games for groups because she believes what Leo Buscaglia so eloquently summed up when he said, “It is paradoxical that many still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.” She’s always blown away by how just a short game-based program can connect colleagues as human beings and have them discover valuable life lessons naturally.
Lisa has been in the business of delivering unique team building events since 1988, working with almost every company on the Fortune 500 list and has been a featured speaker for number of conferences. A native New Englander, she now lives in Orlando, FL. Her favorite ways to play, when she’s not helping others to do so via a business game, include doing anything in the great outdoors – hiking, biking, paddle boarding, kayaking and more!
Jane SchuligerManaging director at Businessgames America
Jane earned her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Miami University of Ohio, her home state. Although Jane loves the Midwest, she moved to Florida shortly after she graduated as she fell in love with the Sunshine State when she worked for the Walt Disney World Company in college.
With over 20 years of experience in many facets of the hospitality and meeting industry, Jane found her perfect home in the teambuilding world. When asked what it is that draws her to her work, Jane responds with, “I just love the interaction and the camaraderie that it fosters.”
When Jane’s not helping others to connect and challenge themselves with a team building event, she spends her time with her dogs, Scully and Duke, adventures out to the Florida beaches, and loves being surrounded by family and friends.
McKenzie Kaufeld CountsProject Manager at Businessgames America
CMP (Mac) entered the fabulous world of team building in 2008 while earning her B.S. in Event Management at the Rosen College of Hospitality at the University of Central Florida. Since then, Mac also became a Certified Meeting Professional through the Events Industry Council. In the last ten years Mac has spent with our organization, she has acquired an extensive background in event operations, with a focus on gamification and interactive, branded engagement.
With a passion for engaging others, Mac is truly a believer in the ability for teams to work better together through the power of play. When operating an event, you’ll find her enthusiasm to be undeniably contagious. She loves that her role includes creating one-of-a-kind experiences and intangible moments.
When she’s not on the microphone on-site at an event, Mac, a fresh-faced dynamo, gives back to the meetings industry by volunteering with numerous industry associations such as Meeting Planners International. She has also been featured in industry publications and has been selected to speak at numerous conferences across the United States.
Mac, who is a born and raised Jersey Girl currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, Dan, and adorable dog Caddy. As someone who lives by the saying, “Don’t let the grass grow under your feet” you’ll often find Mac traveling to spectacular views with her hiking boots in hand.
Kerri BishopProject Manager at Businessgames America
Kerri graduated from Central Michigan University with a Major in Commercial Recreation and a minor in Business Administration. She moved to Florida for her college internship and has been implementing events at resorts, theme parks, and convention centers ever since. She feels lucky to still work in the field she studied in school and has been actively involved in recreation, teambuilding, and convention events for almost 25 years. She spent almost a decade with the Walt Disney World Company working as a liaison between the convention services team and the entertainment and theme park operations teams to develop and deliver creative and memorable group events. She loves that she still has the opportunity to work closely with many of her former Cast Member colleagues in her current role as Director of F&G (Fun & Games).
Kerri’s favorite quote, attributed to Oliver Wendell Holmes is “We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing.” She believes that most things are made better when you add a playful element. Who wouldn’t want to learn about something new by playing a game that introduces or reinforces the actual content? Add in a little friendly competition to really engage not only with the content but with other people as well!
Originally from Michigan, Kerri has made a home in Florida with her husband and two sons. When she’s not working she enjoys watching her youngest play baseball, talking to her teenage son about whatever he’s willing to talk about when he’s not fully focused.
Gabriela MaldonadoProject Manager at Businessgames America
Gabriela (Gaby) joined our team in 2015. From the start, Gaby’s impeccable organization skills and flawless execution of team building events proved to be two of her many strengths. When she’s not in the planning stages of an event, you may find Gaby hosting your group on-site as she has represented our organization in front of hundreds of participants.
When Gaby was asked what she appreciates about her role she said. “We specialize in customizing events for our clients which means that every day is different. I love the surprises that this job brings.”
Gaby’s passion for team building is evident. “What we do is more than games. It’s making a connection with peers through play. It’s getting to know a different side of your co-workers in a stress-free environment. Nothing brings a smile to your face more than when a “buttoned-up” CEO lets loose and interacts with employees they’ve never met before, or when someone comes out of their shell during a game to bring their team to victory.”
Gaby, who is originally from Puerto Rico has been living in Florida for 20 years. When she isn’t leading team building games, Gaby likes to bring a smile to her friends’ faces by sharing animal videos on social media (her dog is her world). Gaby also enjoys photography which comes in handy during her and her husband’s quest to visit all 30 major league baseball stadiums.
Aeme VargasProject Manager at Businessgames America
Aeme has an AS in Hospitality and Tourism with certifications in Event Planning Management and Guest Services. Aeme has always loved to play, which is why before joining our team over four years ago Aeme worked exclusively in recreation and hospitality.
Aeme believes that life is too short, and it is important to enjoy all of what it has to offer. Thus, she relishes that her job allows professionals who work countless hours to take a break, let loose, and learn through play. She loves when people let their guard down to have fun, which is why at events, Aeme’s favorite moments are always the “ah-ha” moments – when teams complete a tricky challenge.
Rather than playing punch buggy while on the road, Aeme likes to point out all the different companies she’s had the opportunity work with. When not conducting events with our clients, Aeme often has game nights with family and friends. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New Jersey, Aeme enjoys experiencing new things and trying new foods.
Maria SaucedaProject Manager at Businessgames America
Maria is currently studying Entertainment Management at the Rosen College of Hospitality at the University of Central Florida. Although new to the industry, Maria has always had a passion for organization and planning. Wise beyond her years, Maria is thrilled to be beginning her journey with a company where she can put her skills to into play.
Maria knew from the get-go that working in the team building world meant that each and every day would bring constant opportunities for unique moments. Maria recognizes that it’s rare to see professionals engage in genuine fun. She loves that her role allows colleagues to break out into laughter, bring out their inner child, and connect through games. She recognizes that playing games and getting to know one another brings out honest behavior and sparks friendships in the workplace.
A native of Wisconsin, Maria was raised in South Florida before moving to Orlando. When not working with our clients, Maria spends time with her two furry “children” and doing group exercise classes. She believes that working out with a team rather than alone makes any workout worth it.
Gijs van der LindenDirector at L.I.B. Businessgames B.V.
With the Businessgames HQ in the Netherlands and partnerships in America, Singapore, Turkey, Ireland, Dubai, Australia and Lithuania, I have the pleasure to work with many talented men and women with different backgrounds, culture and experience. This experience also created my passion for international and intercultural communication challenges, believing that ultimately every person sees his or her world through the ‘glasses’ they developed by education and experience.

In my marketing and business development roles, I experience daily the value of knowing and understanding one’s colleagues and business partners. And the best way to get to know someone is by working together while facing challenges. Therefore I believe Businessgames is such a great concept, allowing you to have real person to person contacts in a challenging situation, creating lasting friendships and very effective working relations.

I would be very pleased to have the opportunity to present you with this unique concept that found its origins in Europe….