Client: ASML

Target group: new employees of the Development & Engineering department

Goal: gain knowledge about the D&E department and get acquainted with working through the V-model conform.

Description: ASML organizes a two-day on boarding training for all its new employees of the D&E department 4 to 5 times a year. During the first day, mainly general information about working at ASML is provided. The second day exists of a Business Game where the participants are ‘transported’ to the world of D&E.

This day is divided in two interactive sessions. Part A is focused on gaining knowledge and theory. Part B is focused on the development of individual competences and soft skills when working with the V-model. During the morning session, the teams will start with a question-and-answer-game in order to gain knowledge about their department. What do they already know about the D&E department? And on which aspects do they need assistance from their colleague(s)? The participants learn the products, departments and the way of working in a competitive setting.

After lunch, each team is going to use their gained knowledge during the Business Game ‘Mars, The Final Frontier’. They build and sell the most innovative spacecraft to the critical country teams (executives of ASML). This metaphor is a great simulation of the daily activities of ASML and its clients, who are always looking for the newest developments and trust ASML to deliver this as soon as possible.

The onboarding days ‘New Style’ includes the ideal mix of activities for the new employees. They gain knowledge about the organization/department in a playful way and get to know their colleagues in a relaxed manner.

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