Teambuilding Game: The United States

Recognize it? Teambuilding a country!

During the Team building Game ‘The United States’, the participants are divided into different teams that do battle with one another. Each team represents a state. The goal is to turn their state into a prosperous one where the people are happy. To achieve this they have to acquire certain assets (schools, hospitals etc.). These can be acquired by negotiating with other teams, so the teams have to work together to achieve their goals! And that is done in a fun and challenging manner, with their sleeves rolled up.

To be successful in this game, not only is good collaboration within the team important, but also communicating clearly and negotiating successfully with the other teams. Because without good collaboration among one another various incidents will threaten the state’s prosperity and result in its extinction. And that’s something you certainly want to avoid in the real business world too!

Recognize it? The United States as a metaphor!

Almost all organisations consist of multiple teams and/or departments, the states in this game model, who not only have their own targets, but also have to work for a common goal. When teams or departments in the real business world work poorly together, this leads to friction and tasks and goals are missed. By using a Team building Game as a metaphor for your own organisation, your employees learn that working together is crucial if they are to be successful. And that in a fun and challenging manner with their sleeves pulled up.

From 5 to 5000 employees, from intern to director, everyone joins in during this live game where it immediately becomes clear who you don’t play games with and who goes that extra mile for his state. Want your team to share this unique experience too? Then contact us. Customizing is also possible. Just ask us about the possibilities.

The United States is possible as an overall program, but is also excellent as part of your conference, meeting and kick-off event program.
from 5 to 5000 contestants
Business Games provided a great opportunity for some of our global leaders to think locally, but act globally. The exercise proved to be very beneficial in team building and strategic thinking, while promoting a fun competitive atmosphere.
Troy Bloss, Armstrong International

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